Today's The Day!!!

Truth, Family, Justice


Hello:  Welcome to my blog!!!

The title of my blog is based on a true story I first heard told by my friend and mentor Chris Brady.  It is the motto of treasure hunter Mel Fisher who for 17 years of his life was in pursuit of the largest treasure ship in history, the “Nuestra Seniora Di Attocha”.  It sank on September 6, 1622, after being caught in a hurricane in the Florida Straits.  Mel Fisher and his crew searched for the vessel for 17 years and discovered the mother load on July 20, 1985.  Facing monstrous challenges, Mel started every day with the battle cry, “Today’s The Day!!!”.  Mel’s story inspired my so much that “Today’s The Day” became my life motto.  Every day is a new day with new opportunities.

Truth, Family, and Justice are the 3 core values I attempt to live my life by and you can expect to read about subjects related in some way, shape, or form to these three guiding principles.

Enjoy and may your day be blessed!!

Today’s The Day!!!

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