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Lies, Lies, Lies, and the LIFE Leadership Scam

Update 1/22/14:

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**********End Update**********

Why do people lie?  Before I go into discussing this, let me tell you that I am far from perfect and have lied many times in my life.  Big lies, small lies, and everything in between, I have plenty of experience.  However, for the last 13 some years, I have come to the understanding that lying is definitely wrong and it hurts many people and, therefore, have tried my best to stay away from engaging in this activity.


Why do people lie?  We would all have to agree that deep down we all know that lying is wrong.  Amazingly, even people that are habitual liars and reason to themselves and others that it’s ok for THEMSELVES to lie, would be upset if SOMEONE ELSE made false promises to them or lied to them in any way.

Why do people lie?  Since we all know deep down lying is wrong, there is always a reason why people lie.  We can probably agree that with very few exceptions people lie because they hope to derive some kind of benefit from not telling the truth but fabricating a lie, instead.  Many years ago I would show police officers my German driver’s license when i got pulled over (usually for going to fast…, I AM from Germany, after all), pretending that I did not have an American license, hoping that, with some luck, the officer would not know what to do with my German license and let me off with a warning.  Obviously, I felt at that time in my life, that it would be ok for me to lie in order to avoid a speeding ticket.  Sometimes it worked but even though I would be relieved for not getting a ticket, I always felt bad about what I had done and knew it was wrong.

14 years ago I met Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady through my friend Bill Lewis.  Ever since I met them their example has inspired me to do what is RIGHT.  Now, I am not claiming that Orrin and Chris are perfect, however, in my 46 years in this world I have met thousands of people from all walks of life and Orrin and Chris’ character and integrity has been second to none.  Being around these gentlemen in many situation, both in public and in private, their willingness to do what is right, even if it costs them, has been AMAZING, for lack of a better word.  On November 11, 2011, Orrin and Chris (together with Rob Hallstrand, Bill Lewis, Tim Marks, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, and Dan Hawkins) founded and launched the LIFE Leadership company.  This happened after almost 2 decades of Orrin and Chris working on developing the BEST business concept the world has ever seen.  The continuous improvement is still ongoing.  Orrin is a genius and I truly believe that he is going to be the next Sam Walton.  Chris Brady recently announced that, after Orrin approached him with this idea, he would step back from his responsibilities of working in the field of LIFE Leadership to find and develop leaders of compensated communities, and become the CEO of LIFE Leadership.  Wow, here is a man true to his calling and I believe when the history books are written, Chris will be the Steve Jobs of LIFE Leadership.  Call me crazy but we will talk again in 50 years.

Now, what do Orrin, Chris, and LIFE Leadership have to do with lies?  Well, as amazing and truly life changing my personal journey with Orrin and Chris has been, as genius and innovative as the LIFE Leadership concept is, you would think that everybody should and would speak with high regards about Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and LIFE Leadership.  However, the sad truth is that there is a handful of individuals that have made it their life-purpose to spread as many lies about Orrin, Chris, and LIFE as possible and deceive as many people as possible about the FACTS of LIFE (pun intended), Orrin, and Chris and thereby depriving them from the life changing benefits that LIFE offers.  How do I know?  I see it all the time.  After sharing some ideas about LIFE with a friend, said friend would oftentimes surf the web to “CHECK IT OUT” and, invariably find websites authored by these certain individuals proclaiming to be in pursuit of TRUTH, supposedly “educating” the public about what they call the “LIFE Leadership Scam” or “Orrin Woodward’s PYRAMID SCAM” or many other false statements.
SIDEBAR… While we are on this subject of “pyramid”, how can LIFE Founder Tim Marks who is UNDERNEATH his sponsor, LIFE Founder Bill Lewis, in the structure of the LIFE Community, make significantly more money for 14 years in a row than Bill?? Guess who made more money when I was an engineer, me or my boss? Corporate America IS a pyramid. “LIFE is a pyramid”, just another popular lie. END SIDEBAR…

Through an intricate process of manipulating website rankings in google and other search engines, these website always end up towards the top of the list of popular searches about Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and LIFE Leadership.  Unsuspecting people in search of some facts about LIFE would invariably navigate to these websites and read and, more importantly, often believe in all the lies propagated on the websites.

Now, if you happen to be an individual in search of truth about Orrin, Chris, or LIFE Leadership that has visited these websites or is planning to hear “the other side”, please answer this one question for me:  WHY DO THE AUTHORS OF THESE WEBSITES NEVER PUT THEIR NAME ON THEIR WORK BUT ALWAYS CHOSE TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS???  People that share FACTS about Orrin, Chris, and LIFE Leadership always let you know who they are so, if you really want to, you can track them down and personally confront them.  Who are you going to believe?

The TRUTH is that literally tens of thousands of peoples’ lives have already been impacted in a positive way through Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and LIFE Leadership.  Click HERE for hundreds of personal testimonies from individuals from all walks of life not afraid to share truth about their positive experiences.

Let me just share 2 testimonies from personal friends of mine:

“The education system that has been created by the LIFE business has changed not only our businesses, but also all aspects of our personal life. My home inspection business and my wife’s children’s entertainment business have never been better. We no longer promote or advertise these businesses and yet they are busier than ever before. The only thing we changed is adding the LIFE business and plugging into it wholeheartedly! We love the personal growth and the leadership information and continue to apply it to our lives. Our marriage, our parenting, and all aspects of our personal lives have improved dramatically because of this information and the community that supports it. It can truly be life changing!”, Ed & Tina Zachow – Small business owners

“Since I have been on the LIFE subscription, I have learned so many principles that have changed my life in my relationships and my job. It has made my attitude toward my job better and my relationships at work and at home have gotten so much better! People have seen the change in me and the success principles are helping me as well! All around, this is the best learning environment and association I have ever been a part of!! God Bless!”, Lynnette Rumsey – Automotive production

Lynnette works at the same company that I was working at when I met Orrin and Chris and I have personally witnessed her life transform.  Her significant improvement in her self confidence alone is something to write home about.

Why do people lie about LIFE Leadership?  Most the time, what I have found, people that lie about Orrin, Chris, and LIFE, are individuals that were involved in our company before and they did not achieve their goals and, of course, when you fail at something, it CAN’T POSSIBLY be YOUR fault.  Most certainly, somebody ELSE is to blame for your lack of results and Orrin, Chris and LIFE Leadership are the favorite targets. My friend and business partner John Mossner pointed out in one of the first comments that there are also entities that envy Orrin & Chris’ success with LIFE Leadership and/or are diametrically opposed to the purpose of LIFE, leading people to truth. Such entities are engaging and paying some of the above mentioned individuals to spread lies about Orrin, Chris, and LIFE. Incredible but true.

Personally, I feel so embarrassed for these individuals because an in depth study of the FACTS always reveals their lies.  The sad thing for these individuals is that the person they are hurting the most is themselves.

Don’t be one of them.  Get the facts.  Do what is right and tell the truth!!

Holger 🙂


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129 thoughts on “Lies, Lies, Lies, and the LIFE Leadership Scam

  1. Thanx for the awesome post, Holger!

    Just one more reason that you are one of the most influential people in my life today.

    The changes in Angie & I’s relationship just since the end of October, due entirely to the LIFE material, and a little of your pointed (at myself) advice are as great a witness as I could ever give as testimony to not only our material, but also your character & leadership.

    • Jed:

      Thank you for your comment and nice words about me.

      I am proud of you because you are learning and applying one of the most important lessons of LIFE, you can change your life by taking responsibility for yourself and striving for personal excellence.

      Would you share with us your goal for 2014? Thank you!!

      God Bless,

      Holger 🙂

    • Tony Jackson on said:

      Jim Rohn says all good will be attacked. The lies being spread are evidence that Chris and Orrin are on the right track and doing the right things.

      • Tony:

        thank you for your comment. Having played in the NFL, I am sure that you have had exposure to many people that got started on the same journey but did not finish. Many critics of Orrin, Chris, and LIFE are coming from a similar angle. From your experience, guys that said they would play in the NFL but did not make it, what was their explanation of why they didn’t make it? Did they usually accept responsibility and admitted they didn’t work hard enough or did they blame it on someone else? The NFL is a scam isn’t it? Not everybody makes it and only the guys at the top make all the money…

        Holger 🙂

    • Holgar,

      Thanks for point us in the right direction. There is a overwhelming amount of informaiton on the internet however very little truth.

  2. Reblogged this on JedHozz's Blog and commented:
    What an awesome post by one of my favorite people!

    It’s so great to see Truth at work.

  3. Thanx for the great post, Holger!

    Just one more reason for my huge respect for you to keep growing. Your leadership is a great gift that I don’t yet deserve, but in the few short months I’ve known you, your impact on my life has been immeasurable.

    Can’t wait to see you again in Grand Rapids!

  4. Well said Holger! When I got started a while back, one of the first things I did is hop online to do some “research”. I quickly got a pit in my stomach and was thinking, “What did I get myself into?!” However, since I had already gotten started I decided to dig a little further and get both sides of the story, so I went to an open meeting. After meeting the people, the speaker, and listening to the information presented, I decided to stick around and see where things went. If things turned out to be like what was said on that negative website I found, I’d stop. What I found over time was that, not only was the LIFE company a solid company that truly wants to better people’s lives, but the people within LIFE were some of the friendliest, genuine, servant leaders I’ve ever met. Joining the great group of people that make up the LIFE Leadership community has been one of the greatest turning points for good in my life. I have my mentors and the information in LIFE to thank for my marriage, my faith, my family’s faith, my business and many other things. It’s the single greatest group of people that I’ve ever met. Thank you for leading Holger!

    • Clint:

      Thank you for your comment!!! That is great to hear, I love testimonies like yours because even if there was just one person like you in LIFE, we would have to say LIFE is a success because it made a positive impact. However, there are thousands of stories like yours.

      Didn’t you have one of the testimonials on the LIFE website?


  5. Leslie Lewis-Wilson on said:

    Awesome post! I whole heartedly agree with you. Spread the TRUTH!

  6. John Mossner on said:

    Great post, Holger! If only people knew that some of the liars are paid bloggers. If only people could see where the money to pay them comes from. But alas, they don’t tell us their names. If only people didn’t live in fear and get spooked by the first “boo” they hear.
    I’ve shown people the Life Leadership business, and they’ve joined and then passed me in income. That kills the pyramid thing pretty quick. The pyramid comment is a knee-jerk reaction at first exposure (we all thought it), or very unintellectual (sorry if that’s too big a word for those bloggers) once the compensation plan is understood. If people would take the time to understand the compensation plan, they’d see it’s the most fair compensation they could find….period. Oh, by the way, the only way you get paid is to serve other people and help them improve all areas of their life. Thank God for Life Leadership and our leaders.

    • Thank you for your comment, John!! Hopefully, you are ok with me adding some of your thoughts to my blogpost. Mainly, what you said about a number of these individuals being paid to spread lies about LIFE, Orrin, and Chris. Also, your explanation on how LIFE is not a pyramid is a great enhancement to my post.

      God Bless,


  7. jeff Helm on said:

    Great Read! I couldn’t agree with you more. We are so quick to ignore what is written on the bathroom walls of gas stations. The internet should be the same, you can write anything you want but you don’t have to include your name which is unfortunate. If you don’t include your name you are ashamed or embarrassed of the content and don’t want it connected to you. Thanks for fighting for truth! It’s time for a million lances of truth!


    Jeff Helm

    • Jeff:

      Thank you for your comment!! You and Tammy were signed up with the TEAM for a long time but didn’t do anything because you didn’t believe in it. What changed so that you are now an amazing leader with a great team?

      Thank you,

      Holger 🙂

  8. Cynthia Emelander on said:

    Hear hear! I’ve heard many negative comments about the LIFE Leadership company, and, like you said Holger, midday of them either come from people that were involved and didn’t do the work necessary, or from people who are uninformed and just lumped this organization in with “the rest of THOSE THINGS that their uncle’s brother’s daughter’s niece tried and failed at.” Thank you for being so refreshingly honest and blunt (aka German). 🙂

  9. Thank you Holger for this blog. I’m amazed at the lies that are out there about LIFE and our founders. It’s a shame people spend so much time and energy diverting people from the truth. I know that my 13 years following the lead of Orrin and Chris has led to some amazing changes in my life, it has more than transformed my life. I appreciate the battle fought to bring LIFE into our lives and communities. To a million!

    • Brandon:

      Thank you for your comment. I know you have had some financial success with the LIFE concept. How would you compare the impact the money you have earned to the principles you have learned?

      Thank you,


      • The impact of the blessings go far beyond what I can imagine. First and foremost in June of 2001, because of a talk I heard from Tim Marks my life for eternity changed forever. And that has led to my sister being saved, her husband re committing his life to Christ and my fiance as well. Then just the marriage principles, wow! Coming from a broken home I never knew how to be in a relationship let alone enter into the covenant of marriage, but through this information and great mentors Chelsea and I feel we have a head start. Also knowing we will be surrounded by people, and lots of them, who truly do cherish their marriage will continue to educate us and strengthen us in those principles.

        And yes there has been some financial success due to the LIFE concept. First I am amazed and what this company puts in the pay plan. With a similar size business in other models this compensation blows them out of the water, Chris Brady and I have many conversations about it, just continues to amaze me. Yet even more important is that Financial Fitness pack, cause as we have learned more money isn’t the solution if we are not educated in how to handle or respect the money we are already earning. So that education alone can help anyone out there get out of debt in their normal 9-5, and that alone will forever change a financial situation.

        And here is what I also know, take away the LIFE compensation plan and I would continue to invest in this education. I would continue to be a part of the community and I would continue to invest my time and energy sitting in living rooms sharing these truths. In my team alone I have seen marriages be saved, marriages started, people come to Christ, friends get out of debt and other friends get promotions at current jobs. The joy that brings to my life is by far better than the pay plan…..but the great thing is LIFE will pay you regardless.

      • Amen, Brandon!! What a great testimony!! Isn’t it amazing that when you change your own life it is awesome and when you can be part of another person changing their life, it is true joy?


  10. John Stinson on said:

    Amazing post Holger. Truth is truth even if it hurts. Those people who make negative post or website always leave their name out because if they use their name it leaves them exposed. Once they post their name to the negative comment then they are held accountable to their uneducated remarks. Never listen to the nameless critic. Only listen to those who stand on the front line and yell out their name and say I am here this is where is stand. Thank you again sir for this post and what you do to spread the truth.

  11. Travis LaBell on said:

    Great post Holger. It is sad that some have nothing better to do than knock others down. And even worse they dont even have the correct information. Although we may not have known Orrin quite as well as you have. My wife & I have crossed paths with Orrin & his family on numerous occasions & have ALWAYS have had great encounters. The education and mentorship have been priceless. Not to mention Holger, you hold an very special place in our hearts. After knowing you for a decade you still never cease to amaze me with your leadership. Even after not being in direct contact with you for a few years we were fortunate enough to sit in with one of the teams you serve last year & was amazed on the impact you have on serving others still. This group of LIFE is the most legitimate organization i’ve been part of & am proud to represent it. I believe the real SCAM is being brought to the surface day by day, just listen to the news for 15 minutes. For anyone researching the LIFE organization I can personally say I’ve met Orrin, his wife Laurie, their children, Orrin’s sister, Orrin’s mother, and have met many that have worked directly with Orrin & he is a great man. I pray that LIFE stays the course!

    • Travis:

      Great to hear from you!! Thank you for your comment, I know, Lizzette and you have grown tremendously through your journey with the TEAM and LIFE. Would you share some of the breakthroughs in your life because of LIFE principles?

      Thank you,

      Holger 🙂

  12. Joe Feldpausch on said:

    I was sceptical, I read all the lies on the Internet. There is ( just like any “believable” lie) just enough truth in it for people to convince themselves the lie is true because they don’t want to grow, change, improve. It is easier for people to believe the lie and not change. I have met enough wonderful people in LIFE to know that it works, financially, leadership and personal improvement. As far as I go I can only thank those in the community. As far as a fail I can only blame myself for not doing what I should.

    Joe Feldpausch
    Grand Haven Michigan

    • Joe:

      Thank you for your comment!! Accepting responsibility is one of the biggest breakthroughs a person can have. How were you able to get to that point in life and how has LIFE assisted you?

      Thank you,

      Holger 🙂

      • Joe Feldpausch on said:

        “Traditional” time = money work is so easy. You don’t have to be great or even that good. But it will never give great results even if your great at the task, dedication and personal skills. I have always thought that my family has been blessed, we were raised with good faith, work ethic, being personable, reliable, etc. I have been so frustrated at times because I was limited at work, even being told not to work so hard. LIFE is a constant reminder that no matter how good we have it, we should strive to be better, and it offers a reward for truly serving others. The information is great, “…principles never change” we may have heard the lessons before, but without reminders we get off course. LIFE offers an excellent reward for being great, and it isn’t just the money. I told a friend, “if I make it half as good as the life leaders I have met, I will be twice as good as I was a year ago”. The money is just a side benifit for all those that truly succeed. A friend asked my wife if the reason our marriage is so good was because of “that LIFE stuff?”, we thought our marriage was good before, but I see LIFE as a vehical to get every aspect of our lives great, not just good. I know that I have a lot of growing to do to succeed, I pray that I have the patients not to quit and the determination to do it.

        Thank you Holger and Lindsay, Koestner’s and the rest of the great team that we are apart of.

      • Joe:

        Thank you for your comment!! If I remember correctly, don’t you guys run a farm?

        Thank you,


  13. Tom and Ronda Taylor on said:

    Thank you Holger for your fantastic post. Honesty and integrity should always be key components of our existence as responsible human beings. Individuals that possess these qualities impact everyone they come in contact with in a positive way. The LIFE Bussiness teaches us that. As we absorb and internalize the LIFE materials, our thought processes change and we experience better thinking. Better thinking creates positive results. The people that are posting these “lies” only intend to create negative results. Hopefully, some day, they will discover the true meaning of honesty and integrity. In doing so, may they find a positive mission that is worthy of their human existence. “Today is the day” for change. Thanks again, Holger, for the positive impact you and LIFE have made in our lives and countless other. Our mission is true, our vision a reality. God bless. Tom and Ronda

    • Tom and Ronda:

      Thank you for your comment. How has your thinking changed and improved since you began your journey with LIFE? Would you share a few things?

      Thank you!!

      Holger 🙂

      • Tom and Ronda Taylor on said:

        After becoming involved with the LIFE Leadership materials, we started to experience a sense of hope. Hope that we can change in a positive way aspects of our lives and the lives of others. When we began to immerse ourselves in reading, listening, and associating with this community, our thought processes evolved. We were now able to find solutions and our new knowledge created personal growth. We are a “solutionist” company that offers world class educational materials that change the way we think and react to situations. Hope becomes a reality and positive thinking a daily occurrence. The possiblities are endless. “Today is the day” for change.

      • Tom & Ronda:

        Thank you for your comment!!

        You mentioned the word “hope”. What is the difference HOPE can have in somebody’s life? LIFE, being an organization that truly gives people hope again, how big can our impact in society be?

        Thank you,

        Holger 🙂

  14. Kiley Nixon on said:

    This is an amazing post! You worded it so well and brought up so many great points.
    Unfortunately, people are always going to have preconceived notions about what we are and what we do, because everyone has an opinion–it’s not always a positive one. But we know the truth!
    My husband and I were literally just talking about this, in a sense. With anything, if someone searches a subject specifically based on negative opinion, of course they’re going to find nothing but negative about the subject in which they are searching!
    My assumption is, and I can’t speak for everyone of course, but that they think what we do is “too good to be true”, so a lot of times they don’t want to believe the truth, necessarily. And it is unfortunate.
    But that just means we have to go out into the homes of America and change their views, open their eyes, hearts, and minds! There is so much truth here. There is so much great here.
    …Now I am feeling like I’m rambling because I could go on and on about all of the positive things about this company and the things it is doing to people’s lives, but I’ll stop here.
    Amazing, eye-opening post! Keep up the amazing work, and thank you for all you–and the other PCs–do! (:


    • Kiley:

      Thank you for your comment!! I would love for you to share some of your breakthroughs because of LIFE.

      Thanks again,

      Holger 🙂

      • Kiley Nixon on said:

        So many breakthroughs!
        Most of them were within myself. I can’t say I had an immense skepticism, but it lingered there in my mind, just a little bit.
        And it came back to what people say, “don’t knock it until you try it!” And I just looked at my husband and said, “what do we have to lose? There’s a 30-day money back guarantee, so if it’s not for us, we always have that”, and I am so, so glad we made that decision to sign up!
        I feel majour changes within myself, good ones of course! I’m getting a little more better at having confidence and faith in myself that I never ever had before LIFE came into my life.
        I notice changes in my husband, because he was just kind of introspective, observative, didn’t say much. Now, thanks to this business, he is more open, social, a totally different man! Again, in a good way!
        LIFE has really challenged me to overcome some of my own mental obstacles, and I know that with this, I will just continue to do so!
        I owe so much to this business and to the amazing couple (the Stinson’s) who had the guts to contact my husband and get us started in this!
        I know many more breakthroughs are to come, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for is and this business, on it’s journey to a million people–and beyond! (:

      • Kiley:

        I am so proud of you. That is awesome how great a testimony you already have!! All these improvements in your life, how much are they worth?

        Tx H. 🙂

      • Kiley Nixon on said:

        The improvements are PRICELESS!
        My husband and I have only been in the business almost a year, and so far it has blessed us with better education on how to be better parents, how to better understand the personality temperaments, how to approach people the right way, and so much more to come! I couldn’t be more excite with where this vehicle is taking our family! It really is amazing, to the point I literally cannot believe ANYONE would bad mouth this opportunity! Then again, I know it’s because they haven’t experienced this blessing for themselves yet.
        Haha, that silly autocorrect! Sometimes mine will correct words into words that aren’t even real words! So strange how that works!

      • Amen, Kiley!! And all that in one short year!! How does LIFE compare to going to college?


    • Kiley Nixon on said:

      Oops! What’s in store for us, not is! So sorry about the error! (:

    • Kiley Nixon on said:

      Yes! One short year, it truly is amazing! I can’t imagine how much more our life will gain from this, it’s unfathomable!
      Well, that’s a good question. I didn’t go to traditional college, I went to beauty school, which still took tuition and loans that I owe, so in a way it’s like college I suppose, lol!
      As far as the education aspect, like I said I haven’t been to true college so I can’t speak facts, I could only assume by friends and a sister who are in college. I don’t think they can teach you the things LIFE teaches you.
      I mean, college doesn’t teach you to have a better relationship with your kids or spouse or friends or other family members. It doesn’t teach you the true leadership principles that LIFE offers. The information in our system and products surpass anything you would ever gather from college, and then some. And it costs much, much less as well! (:
      It truly is amazing!

  15. Benjamin Nixon on said:

    This is a great blog post.

    After My wife and I were invloved with LIFE Leadership for a very short time, I looked at one of those negitave websites just to see what they say about Orrin and LIFE leadership. I was literaly laughing out loud at what they had to say.

    • Benjamin:

      Thank you for your comment!! Isn’t it amazing how stupid most of these comments are?? “It’s a pyramid!!”, LIE (Tim Marks makes more than Bill), “Orrin is a scam artist!!”, LIE (anybody that knows him personally will testify to his amazing character and integrity), “It doesn’t work!!!”, LIE (YOU are not willing to do the work!!), “They took all my money!!”, LIE (you’ve been an idiot with your money for …years, you buy some books for $15, CDs for $10, and attend some seminars for $40 and that made you broke??? SHUT UP!!!).

      Am I right or am I right?


  16. Bryan Jahr on said:

    Great post Holger, I think we all are a little skeptical at first but the LIFE business is truely life changing. One of the hardest things in life for most people is to admit that we are not perfect and can always learn more. The LIFE business shows us that always learning is fun and that faith base communities are the back bone of our society. LIFE has dramatically improved our lives. We are once again excited and hopeful for our future. We thank you Holger and Lindsey for your great leadership and friendship. If people stick around long enough they will see the truths that LIFE Leadership represents.

  17. Tonya Bayne on said:

    Holger well said. I know what LIFE has done for our life. I have been around since 2006. When I first got involved I was a single mother. The information I was receiving was truthful and I could tell that from my first major. Now I have a wonderful husband Matt who has adopted my daughter Dailyn. The blessing we received can not put a price on it. Thanks and God bless Tonya Bayne

    • Amen, Tonya!!!

      I did not know that you and Matt met through the TEAM. How big a deal is it to have a Brian & Sheri Powers and Bill & Jackie Lewis as mentors in life?

      Thank you,

      Holger 🙂

  18. Blake Harris on said:

    Great post,I love to hear the leaders of LIFE speak the truth and stand for the things that this country needs even when it doesn’t follow the norm!
    Thanks Blake Harris

    • Blake:

      Thank you for your comment!! You and April have been with the TEAM for a while. What has been your biggest breakthrough so far? How do you deal with critics and nay sayers?

      Thank you,


  19. Melissa Knisely on said:

    This is an awesome blog speaking the truth about life leadership and how you shouldnt always believe what you read. Its sad that people’s lies are keeping other people from checking this out and getting this phenomenal information that can allow them to live the life they always wanted. Jon and I have learned so much since we’ve been in and the association is the absolute best. Thru this we have realized there is more to life than just carrying buckets

    • Melissa:

      Thank you for your comment!!! I am so proud of you and Jon, daily getting updates that you are listening to 13, 14, 15 CDs or more. How much has that made a difference for you guys since we started Operation 180? And what in the world are you doing still up at 11.15pm?!? Don’t you have to get up to go to work at 3am or so?

      Thank you,

      Holger 🙂

      • Melissa Knisely on said:

        Our thinking has changed so much with us listening to so many CDs. We have became better students through the club 180. I love the culture it is setting throughout the teams. We are always up late. Being around this environment we have realized you really don’t need a lot of sleep when chasing ur dreams and u realize there is more to life out there then work and sleep. Oh and we have a 2 yr old that drives us.

      • Wow, Melissa. You are so right, when you’re chasing a dream you don’t need much sleep!!! At what time exactly do Jon & you have to wake up in the morning?

        Also, what changes have you seen in your team since you guys started LEADING the way with listening to so many CDs?


      • Melissa Knisely on said:

        We are up around 4 a.m. We have noticed more excitement and hunger throughout the team. Everyone’s thinking is changing also. The friendships that are made through this business are priceless.

      • Wow!!! 4am!!! I remember having to get up at 4.15am every day when I was in the German Air Force. Boy did I hate getting up that early. So, you’re saying that having a big dream your chasing makes it easier staying up past 11pm and then being up again by 4am? You think that would be possible for others to do?

        H. 🙂

      • Melissa Knisely on said:

        Jon said the positive pressure is building. I believe if someone has a big enough dream anything is possible. If the dream is big enough the facts don’t count

      • Right on Melissa!!! So, as opposed to what most people who don’t know anything about LIFE would say, our business is very predictable. Meaning, if you do the right things long enough, you will see results, success must happen?


  20. Karla Rice on said:

    Thanks for the awesome post Holgar! I have been involved with LIFE since it was launched November 1,2011 and am so proud to be part of such a wonderful company as LIFE, and to be associated with such fine people as yourself and Lindsey. This leadership engine and.movement is filled with people and leaders of integrity and character who are committed to becoming the very best version of themselves and committed to serving others and lifting them up. Orrin and Chris and all the leaders have created a company that enables anyone to live the life they have always dreamed of if they are willing to do the work. Usually the negative comments are unfortunately made by negative people who gave up on themselves and then point the finger at others. I just hope and pray that anyone considering LIFE will take a good hard look at the people involved and the information provided and make an informed decision and not be swayed by people hiding behind their lies. LIFE is creating leaders that are dedicated to making a difference in peoples lives and our amazing country. Thank you holgar and thank you LIFE!

    • Karla!!

      Thank you for your comment. I know that you have been through some tough times in the last couple years. How has the LIFE information and the LIFE community helped you through that? Very proud of you.

      Thank you,


  21. David W. Martin on said:

    Truth rings clear, lies are hollow. My habit of reading, listening and associating (with LIFE and identifying other like-mined people) has strengthened my philosophies and beliefs and provides the fortitude to share the Truth. I could hear the volume of your voice rise with your passion—shout the truth!

  22. Steve Meixner on said:

    Holger, There are always going to be these jealous people who hate to see others succeed. I have learned plenty since being involved with the LIFE Company. I know that Orrin and Chris and the rest of the Leaders including yourself who I have had the opportunity to meet several times, are teaching the right principles such as Honesty and Integrity! I have watched you on stage and how you talk about our Country and I am extremely proud of you! Keep up the Great work and maybe together we can help more people come to the TRUTH !!

    • Thank you Steve!!

      There is certainly a lot of work ahead of us. Why do you think the TEAM and LIFE have a chance at affecting culture in America (and the world) for the better?

      Thank you,

      Holger 🙂

      • Steve Meixner on said:

        Holger, the lessons taught on our CD’s are Excellent and in Fact in order to make a CD, the Speaker must have “Fruit on the Tree” Results in that Area. I have Listened to the Marriage pack, Parenting pack and every other pack. My wife would tell you that I have improved in all areas 🙂 I have given out these packs and they change Lives for the better! With the Team’s plan to go to a Million and Beyond I know we will change many Lives for the better.

      • Steve, isn’t it amazing how much a few CDs can change your marriage? And how awesome is it to be able to pass them on to someone else?


  23. Steven A. Bedgood on said:

    Of course it’s easier to believe the lie. Believing the truth would require those people to admit they have room for improvement in their own lives. That would start them thinking that they could change their lives if they would only take action. If they are too lazy to take the action, then they usually start to blame something other than their laziness. So believing the lie seems a lot easier to them.

  24. Matt Bayne on said:

    Thank you for speaking the truth. Having served 10 years in the Army and losing friends in combat I know the price of freedom. This organization of Life and the leaders Orrin and Chris and the rest of the Policy Council (yourself included) have my utmost respect because of the character and integrity you all have.
    I too feel sorry for those who don’t have the courage to face themselves and grow to become the best they can be, but instead blame others using lies.
    Life has so much to offer anyone who wants positive change in there lives and it’s shameful that someone will anonymously write things that aren’t true, thus possibly ruining someone elses chance at a changed life.
    My association with these great leaders began 6 plus years ago and has been a huge blessing in my life. Just two of the biggest are 1) I was Baptized in Oct 2009 after learning and applying the things I needed to. And 2) I met my amazing wife and was blessed to be able to adopt my beautiful daughter.
    Thanks again for sharing,
    Matt Bayne

    • Great testimony, Matt, and thank you for your service to this country and its people.

      Don’t you agree that the only difference when people hear about LIFE is they are either closed minded or open minded?


  25. Thank you Holger for the post. You are right on when it comes to the character and integrity of Orrin and Chris. I have complete faith and trust in the direction they want to take Life Leadership and my wife and I feel blessed to be on this journey together. I haven’t seen anything else out there that can improve marriages, bring families closer together and force you to be a better person. Thank you again for the post Holger. Deanna and I are proud to be following you as well!!

    • Nick, thank you and you are welcome!! Being very successful in the banking industry, why were you even looking for something better? How did you go from skepticism to belief?


  26. Esther Bontrager on said:

    That’s good! I appreciate the way you can “just say it like it is.” Life Leadership ROCKS!!!!

    • Thank you for your comment, Esther. Agreed, LIFE rocks!! You and Matt got started in LIFE at a very young age, how have the LIFE products changed your life and how does the LIFE business give you hope for your family’s future?

      Thank you,


  27. Makiiya Jodway on said:

    What a great post Holger. I was one of those who researched the web a little over a year ago when Shoni and I saw the Life Leadership business even though we signed up the moment we heard the amazing opportunity. For me everything I read didnt seem to have anything to back it up. Where as the people who introduced us to this seemed to have something different then any other people. They had passion, a dream and they were excited. They got to know us and started to get us to think big and dream which i hadn’t done in years. Finding out for ourselves about Life Leadership has changed our lives in so many ways and is a continued work in progress. Our family would not be where we are today without it nor would our faith. I can honestly say it has affected our life in every area and we have gained some of our greatest friends on this journey. I look forward for the things to come for us and our continued growth as well as everyone else!

    • Makiiya:

      Thank you for your comment!! That is a great testimony. You & Shoni recently got married. (Congrats again!!), did your decision to tie the knot have anything to do with LIFE and how has LIFE affected your relationship since you got married?

      Also, being a small business owner yourself, how does LIFE compare to a traditional business?

      Holger 🙂

  28. Danielle & Kyle Koestner on said:

    Thanks Holger! Great insights. Our personal experience is that LIFE is helping us to do as Gandhi says “Be the change we want to see in the world”. As you always say this business is simple but not easy. We have grown so much in our attempts to build and know that our continued growth will allow us to get our dreams but more importantly live our life’s God given purpose!
    Kyle & Danielle Koestner (Engineer Manager and Physician)

    • Kyle:

      Thank you for your comment!!

      I really appreciate you mentioning God’s purpose. How have you noticed God working in your & Danielle’s life since you got started with the TEAM?

      Holger. 🙂

  29. Vicki Lowing on said:

    Holger, Thank you for talking about the lies that are posted about LIFE. We, too, run into this with people and now we can share this with them.

    • Vicki:

      Thank you for your comment. You and Tom have been involved with LIFE for a while. What is the greatest truth you have learned about this LIFE concept and the LIFE community?

      Thank you,

      Holger 🙂

      • Vicki Lowing on said:

        That the ultimate goal is to bring people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ!

        What is grace? Grace is unmerited favor. The leaders in LIFE want to love us where we are at and welcome us into a community the shows Christ’s favor. The world is negative and crushes our spirit. Here was a business, a cause, that was not in a church setting, and the leaders want to accept us where we are at and not condemn us as the world condemns. I am accepted for who I am, growls and all! That wanted to make me change to be loving to others, to serve others. Because of LIFE, my relationships with my husband, Tom, our combined six children, my co-workers, family and friends has improved because I am learning to take the focus off my self. God wants us to serve others and this is the most astounding vehicle to “love others as you love yourself.”

        Years ago my Christian mentor told me that living for Christ is exciting, and with LIFE it is even more so. I love this verse, “And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8b. That’s what LIFE helps me do, fulfill God’s purpose in my life.

        Thank you, Holger and Lindsey, for your kindness and love, and for your leadership that leads people to the truth!

      • Amen, Vicki!!!

        That is so cool, I love to hear stories like yours because they are REAL. There is no way LIFE could pay people to say all these amazing things if they weren’t true.

        Question: many people talk about how loyal the Apple community is to Apple products. How does LIFE compare to Apple from a “Positive Impact on someone’s life”-perspective?

        Thank you,

        Holger 🙂

      • Vicki Lowing on said:

        You asked us how the loyal community to Apple compares to the LIFE community. Interesting that you posed that question because we just purchased an iMac PC, replacing our 9 year old Dell. As I looked for FOX News at the programmed news sites, I could not find it. Only the liberal news sites were found!

        The fact is, there is no comparison in a positive way between LIFE and Apple. LIFE offers life changing information that changes lives and offers hope in all 8 Fs. And we get paid richly for it depending on our performance and how much we help others. That’s why we are loyal as a community.

        Apple offers a superior product according to their followers, but it does not offer HOPE to change their life as the LIFE community does.

      • Vicki:

        Thank you for your response!! You are right, Apple has good products but they don’t come close when we talk about a community of people that have HOPE in their lives.

        God willing, the future will show all the ignorant nay-sayers that LIFE is not some pyramid scam but an amazing movement that truly changes peoples’ lives for ever.

        Thank you!!


  30. Trevor Most on said:

    Thank you Holger for continually leading from the front and leading people to truth! We are extremely proud to be associated with you and LIFE Leadership. Thank you for all the guidance and wisdom you and Lindsey have and continuously share with us! Thank you!
    Trevor & Brenda Most

    • Trevor:

      You are welcome!!! Thank you for your response and willingness to change America by changing yourself. What is the biggest lesson you have learned from LIFE?

      Thank you,


      • Trevor Most on said:

        Holy smokes, to only pick one is hard. I would have to say the biggest lesson from LIFE that I have learned (I’m still working on applying it) would be the necessity for dreams/goals and the need to constantly be expanding them and cultivating them. Dream building is so much an important part of growing and moving forward in LIFE Leadership and life in general. I have learned so many lessons, and continue looking forward to growing personally, to be able to help thousands of people in the future, realize that they can acheive their goals and dreams. Thank you again for your mentorship and friendship!

      • Trevor!!

        That is a BIG one!! What a difference it has made in my life, the ant and the elephant is such an important concept. It changed my life forever!!

        Thank you for your response!!

        Holger 🙂

  31. Brenda Most on said:

    Thank you so much for the post! It is so truthful and must read info! There is so much negative out there and this is a breath of fresh air. This is a blog that I will direct people to that want more information!
    We greatly thank you for the guidance you and Lindsey provide! We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for people like you guys, the Martinez s and the Cuellars! For people that are willing to put their life on the line to help me make mine better, are a gift from God. This business is truly the way to truth and I thank God for the opportunity… my husband who made the decision to do it!
    Gods peace,
    Brenda Most (homemaker)

    • Brenda:

      Thank you for your response!!

      How do you see your family’s future with the LIFE business and how do you think it would have turned out without LIFE.

      Thank you,

      Holger 🙂

      • Brenda on said:

        Wow! I could write a page on that! But I won’t ;). Just present vs past is huge… Being married vs not… Having 4 kids vs 1… Working vs being at home…. Having my kids fight the public school system vs homeschooling (cuz I’m home!) … My husband working from home vs gone 80 hrs per week… Yelling at kids vs not (most of the time 😉 ) … Relationships with my siblings vs not… My Faith vs not!…
        There was a lot of NOTs happening in my life… Home to work, mundane, bad relationships, etc… And the information from this business has changed that. It helped me realize that I have a choice… I choose to be happy and I choose if my circumstances define me…
        Without this I probably wouldn’t be married, wouldn’t have 4 beautiful children, wouldn’t have the opportunity to raise them the way I want, I wouldn’t have God in my life! I wouldn’t have realized that are freedoms are slipping away!
        Our future.. Because of the LIFE business… Will be more happiness, more relationships, more money ;), heaven, travel, charity.. Kids that know God… Time well invested in the things that matter…. Fighting for our freedoms, family and faith! Teaching others that there is hope and to fight for it!! But also giving them the right vehicle to do so!!!
        Again, thank you to Orrin, Chris and the rest of the founders, and especially you and Lindsey for fighting for our freedoms and leading the way!

      • Brenda:

        Thank you for your reply, what an impressive list!!! One life changed, yours, shows LIFE works!!! Is your story just very unique or are there others out there with similar testimonies? How many? 10? 100? 10,000? What has your experience been?

        Holger 🙂

      • Holger,
        Over the years, getting the chance to meet many, many different people…I’ve learned that ultimately everyone has similar back grounds in one form or another. I’m not talking childhood, but rather once they are out in the real world…. Working, marriage, kids, etc. SO many of the people who have success in the LIFE business have gone thru struggles….many of them way worse than I could imagine dealing with! I know there are 10,000++ people that have had something change for the better in their life just because of the information….let alone the business side and making money. There are many people I have talked to that have decided this business wasn’t for them…but they always have the same respone…”I love the information and the positive changes it has made for me and my family.” I said it at a meeting just last night…. ” most people will only ever be called about this business ONCE! Are you willing to take the chance of it passing you buy? If someone called you, thank them…because your life will never be the same!”

        Trevor was actually contacted twice…..! I can’t imagine why?(haha)…. Anyone who knows more about my past knows So we were on the ‘lucky’ side of that one.. Others not so lucky. (Luck has nothing to do with it… God directs they paths).
        But I talk to SO many that they have had only one call…. Are you going to make that one call to that somebody that can change their life forever? And don’t think of the perfect person, cuz there isn’t one…. We were not the ones that were perceived to ‘do’ this. In fact we watched from the sidelines for a long time….but we soaked up the information, which is what ultimately makes the changes. And I’m glad my husband made the choice!

        Thanks Holger!

      • Brenda:

        Thank you for your response!! You are right, many people only get contacted once, I was, and I sure am glad that Bill Lewis did. I cannot imagine my life without that email Bill sent me in October 1999.

        Isn’t it true that pretty much EVERYBODY is skeptical but the open minded skeptics ALWAYS get it because they get the facts, not opinions?

        Thank you,

        Holger 🙂

      • Brenda on said:

        Absolutely, everyone is a skeptic, and there is nothing wrong with that…. And it is exactly as you stated, they get it when they have the facts, not opinion. I went with opinion in the beginning …and it got me nowhere! If Trevor had taken opinion we wouldn’t be here! Once we got the facts and some truth, we knew it was worth while. Everyone wants you to take their opinion of something they have never seen… Following the rest of society that hasn’t worked thus far.. History repeats itself until lesson is learned. Unfortunately not everyone gets the chance to learn this lesson.


      • Right on, Brenda!! Thank you, very proud of you for admitting your ignorance in the beginning that was overcome by the facts!!

        TTD!!! 🙂


  32. Dan Graney on said:


    In the four or so months that I have known you I have seen you more than once show signs of outstanding character. You being a leader and sought after mentor in this organization, were not too busy or important to give me a call when there was a misunderstanding between us. You showed a humble and honest spirit that I really appreciated.

    As far as the character of Orrin and Chris goes the thought that comes to my mind is that their genuineness, motives and sincerity can best be sought out by the consistency of their message. I have listened to well over a hundred recordings now, most of which contain Orrin and Chris, and the motives and messages come across as having a unified theme of genuine concern for helping people succeed and for being servant leaders of the highest caliber. As Chris once said we all have built in “Hogwash Detectors” and mine has never gone off even once while listening to the material.

    Similar to the way the Bible is shown to be supernatural in its consistency of its message. It defies all odds that the dozens of authors who wrote texts spanning hundreds of could have possibly come up with such a unified message as the Bible presents by mere chance or coincidence. As good as Orrin and Chris are I do not believe that they could have so carefully crafted such a consistent message without it being rooted in truth. Lies and liars will always be found out. Time will expose the false preachers and for now all we can do is to love them and wait for them with open arms once they change their ways.

    • Dan:

      Thank you for your comment, you are right on with you reasoning.

      Even though you have only been involved for a short time, can you give a testimony of the breakthroughs you have had because of the LIFE materials and your association with the LIFE community?

      Thank you,

      Holger 🙂

  33. Holger, Great post my friend! A very interesting perspective you have, being in association with the founders of LIFE Leadership for 14 years coming from a traditional education and credentialist background. There’s very few people out there who are more educated than you by way of traditional collegiate means or by self-directed means. 3 masters degrees from accredited universities in Germany and the United States and 14 years of listening to, reading from, associating with, and learning from the best entrepreneurial minds in the world….wow!! You have a great handle on what you are talking about!!! Thank you for your character, humility and for always being a leader worth following! God Bless

    • Thank you, Kirk, for your kind words!! Lindsey and I feel very blessed to have had this association for the last 14 years and the lessons we have learned and tried our best to apply to our lives. One of the greatest blessings has been our friendship with you & Cassie. It surely is a great honor that God has placed us in this position of being in the same community as you guys and being able to see your entire journey with the TEAM. You have developed yourself from an extremely introvert personality, almost shy to talk to people, into a phenomenal leader that is one of the best communicators that LIFE has to offer. What would you say has been your greatest ingredient in your success story?

      Thank you,

      Holger 🙂

  34. Holger… When I was first introduced to this business by Bob Wilcox, I knew right away that it was something good in my life and didn’t hesitate to get involved. I’m so glad I did. Then meeting folks and leaders like Larry & Stacey Allswede and You & Lindsey, confirmed it for me that I made the right decision.

    Naysayers and rumor makers are only those that are scared to take a chance to better their lives. I believe that this may not be for everybody, but everybody should hear about it and know the truth about what LIFE Leadership is all about.

    Thank you for posting this. See you soon!

    Eric Brodberg

    • Eric:

      Wow!! How different our country would be if the majority of people responded the way you did when you were introduced to LIFE!!

      Why were you more open minded than most people when you saw LIFE? What do you think?


      • Holger:
        Sorry I didn’t see this until now. I tell ya, when Bob showed me the LIFE opportunity, I was looking for something different. The last time I worked for somebody else was in 2008.

        Due to health (heart) problems, I had to quit working and within a couple of years I was put on disability (longer story here that I will be able to share one day).

        Thankfully I could play music and started to create a business around it (guitar lessons, recording studio, playing in bands) to help create more income. Didn’t know anything about the Cashflow Quadrant, I learned that I was on the left side in the “S” quadrant.

        When Bob showed me this opportunity and I saw that CQ and learned that I should be on the right side and that LIFE was the way to do it…I was in! Not to mention, I have always been a dreamer. Now my dreams are better focused and getting bigger.

        Thank you for your leadership my friend. I am proud to be involved and be a Crusader. God bless!!


  35. Great thoughts, Holger!

  36. My brother recommended I might like this blog.
    He was totally right. This post actually made my day.
    You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  37. hi . good work life leadership

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  39. larry g. b. on said:

    i love LIFE Leadership it good i in joy. not spam no lie

  40. I want to know who to contact about this company taking money from my Husbands business account without his permission, I told him this was all a crock of crap but he didn’t listen I’am so glad I didn’t talk anyone else into getting involved with this

  41. When challenges get the better of us and results are less than favorable, the feeling of defeat sets heavily on us. Therefore, it is easier to label it (in this case “it” representing Life Leadership), a lie rather than take blame on ourselves we didn’t put our best efforts forward leaving us unsuccessful in the challenge.
    I am a Life Leadership member. My son is a Life Leadership member. We are well aware of the challenges of success and we are not by any means afraid to tackle them one by one. Anything worth having in life takes hard work. It’s rewarding applying yourself wholeheartedly and getting positive results. Being involved with Life Leadership, has enlightened me and is continuously educating me in all areas of my life, so that I can be successful! The challenges I face on a daily basis, conquering them one by one, by applying the principles I’m learning through Life Leadership, WILL take me to my dream. This I do believe!
    Thank you Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, thank you for sharing your genius mind.

  42. Wow…thanks for such a helpful compilation of information!

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