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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (AD 1929-1968) was a great man whom I highly respect.  As the Protestant Martin Luther (AD 1483-1546), the “Father of the Reformation”, from whom Dr. King’s name is derived, he lived his life to seek God’s Truth, proclaim it, and live God’s will for his life.  In his last speech before his death, Dr. King said,

“I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. So I’m happy, tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

It has been said that the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you discover WHY you are born.

Inspired by great men as Martin Luther, Dr. Martin Luther King, NYT Bestselling Author, Inc. Magazine Top 20 Leadership Expert Orrin Woodward, and, ultimately, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I have been blessed with a dream.  Hopefully, the reader will forgive me for borrowing some of Dr. King’s words when I say that,

“I have a dream, a dream of an America that is free again.  Free of debt, free of bondage, free of sin and full of truth, God’s Truth.”

In order to do that I believe that God has called me to be an inspiring leader giving people vision for their life by leading them to The Truth (Christ) and inspiring them to pursue excellence, i.e., Christ-likeness.

Recently, Orrin suggested to read Simon Sinek’s excellent book START WITH WHY.  Going through this book again reminded me of this important lesson to “start with why” and realize again what a great example Orrin Woodward is because, as Sinek states, “When you compete against everyone else, no one wants to help you.  But when you compete against yourself, everyone wants to help you.”

Early on, after meeting Orrin and LIFE CEO Chris Brady, I have heard both repeatedly proclaim the LIFE Vision of building a community of 1 Million people and leading them to The Truth…

If you have ever tried to change something about yourself and realize how hard it is, you will agree that we, like Orrin, need not attempt to change others, but, instead need “only” work hard on turning ourselves into the best version of ourselves possible.  That is true leadership and I’m grateful to have living examples like Orrin and Chris who show me what is possible when you pursue such excellence.

If this has moved you, I urge you to START WITH WHY!!  What is YOUR purpose?  Why are you here?  Why did God, the CREATOR of the entire universe, make YOU?  You are not a cosmic accident, not coincidence, you are here for a reason!!  Why?  Join me in the “Crusade 4 Truth”…

May God Bless you on this journey,


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

Orrin Woodward and Team LIFE launch Mental Fitness Challenge

Wow, Team LIFE, lead by the #6 and #11 leadership gurus in the World, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, respectively, is embarking on one of the most exciting journeys that I can imagine.  It is called the MENTAL FITNESS CHALLENGE, or short MFC!!

How many of you guys have ever been on a diet to loose weight?  How many ever lost weight while on the diet and regained it after getting off the diet?!?  It sure has happened to me.  Why does it not work?  The only way to implement LASTING change is to change your habitual behavior, your habits.  And a diet focuses on fitness for your body but until your mind changes, your thinking is brought under your own control, lasting change cannot happen.  That is where the MFC comes in, it a fitness program for your mind!!  Monday this week, I opened my MFC kit and got started.  First you have to determine which area you are going to attack, so you take an assessment test where you answer a number of question and the program than ranks how you rate yourself in the areas of 13 Resolutions that Orrin shared in his book RESOLVED (part of the MFC kit).  You can then ask friends, family, associates, mentor, etc. for anonymous 360 degree feedback and discover discrepancies between how you rank yourself and how those who know you grade you.  Here is a great article from Orrin Woodward going into details.

Talking to my wonderful wife, Lindsey, I asked her whether my 90 day challenge should focus on a business goal or a personal goal and we both agreed, it should be a family goal, so here it is:

I, Holger Spiewak, will focus on becoming a better father in the next 90 days!!

God has blessed me with 4 awesome kids (#5 is due in July…), and I want to be the best dad I can be, the dad that they deserve and I am asking everybody reading this, to hold me accountable.  Let others know to please do so, as well.  This is very important to me.  Now part of the MFC is to have Accountability Partners, so you can actually enlist people that will automatically be notified of your progress as you complete daily tasks.  Of course, I will not ask everybody reading this to do that but I do encourage you to ask when you see me how things are going.

I am really excited because I already have noticed a change in a positive direction.  The 2nd day into the challenge, Lindsey asked me if I would let our oldest son read to me.  My initial reaction was to say, “No, I am busy!!”, but because I now have written down on top of my daily progress tracking sheet that I want to improve as a father, I held these words right before they left my mouth and said, “YES, I can!”

Today’s The Day!!!


Orrin Woodward Team changes lives.

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Why is it that the greatest leaders of all-time seem to either have rabid fans or rabid critics? The answer is simple: truth polarizes. When a leader leads with his convictions, others, who do not hold the same convictions, will criticize the endeavor. Throughout history, men and women like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther, Sam Walton, Oliver Cromwell, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, to name a few, have received mountaintop praise and sewer-based criticisms. In fact, if a person desires to change the world, then he better build a tough skin while maintaining a soft heart, because he will be criticized! –Orrin Woodward

I have seen this in my own LIFE. As I went out and started my business there were many that criticized what I was doing. I could never understand why someone would criticize a person for trying to do better and trying to get ahead. Then one day I was at a Team leadership seminar and I heard the answer. The speaker said that its like watching a dog that is chasing a rabbit. The dog is running over plants, through bushes, doing everything he can to try and catch the rabbit. If the people who were watching the dog couldn’t see the rabbit they would think the dog was crazy. This is how some of my critics saw me. –Bill Lewis

Could not agree more!!  Everybody wants you to get by, just not by them.  Because when you succeed all the critics will have to admit they were wrong, by default.  Nobody wants to do that, so what do they do?  Anything in their power to stop you, which means negative comments, gossip, rumor, blatant lies, whatever it takes.  The good news is best outlined in one of my favorite Orrin quotes:  “People of integrity expect to be believed and if they’re not, they let time prove them right.”  In reality, there is nothing “THEY” can do to you, unless you let them.  So, lead on!! Don’t let critics stop you, only you can!

Today’s The Day!!!

God Bless,

Holger 🙂


This is Holger Spiewak. Today, I would like to take a few minutes and talk about the subject of FREEDOM. In working with Orrin Woodward for over 12 years now I have certainly gained a whole new perspective on Freedom.

Thomas Paine is quoted to have said,

“What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon it’s goods; and it should be strange indeed, if so celestial an article as Freedom should be highly rated.”

For a long time of my life I was certainly swimming along with the stream of the vast majority of people that took the freedoms that I have been blessed with for granted. Even though, I served in the German Air Force for 2 years and felt that at least to a small extend I was “fighting with NATO against the evil empire”, I certainly had no appreciation of my freedoms and the price that somebody had to pay for me to enjoy them. Growing up in a FREE Germany was certainly nice. Meeting a close family friend, Dan Quinn, who had just started his first assignment as an officer in the U.S. Air Force in Germany in 1983 started me on a path the would eventually lead me to America in 1993.

America, Land of the free, home of the brave. “Amerika, das Land der unbegrenzten Moeglichkeiten”, as we say in Germany, in English, “America, the land of unlimited possibilities”. Similar statements are known in different countries throughout the world, basically, stating the same sentiment. So, one has to ask, WHY is America so “free”? Obviously, we can take that into many directions, starting with the fact that those that came to America from the old world were looking to escape tyranny and oppression. The generations following had to endure many hardships and fight for freedom, settling the West, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II. In all these endeavors, many Americans sacrificed dearly, many gave their lives in the pursuit of freedom. In the beginning, for America’s freedom but eventually, which is even more amazing, for my freedom. Who knows how Germany during my childhood would have looked like had Hitler won the war. Likely I would have been “trained” in the Hitler youth about the “great freedoms” that come with living under a fascist regime. Thanks, but “no, thanks!!”

The point is that freedom is not free. Freedom has won those battles but the war is still going on. The enemy is no longer King George, Slavery, or Adolf Hitler, the enemy is… Well, who is it?!?

In my eyes, there is a lot of forces now that are battling a war of ideas. A war behind the scenes, that most people are not aware of. These forces are working on taking our freedoms away one by one, little by little. And what do most people do about that? Play computer games, watch more football, entertain more, turn the other way, because, who cares about the future generations? I don’t care if my grandkids and their kids enjoy the same freedoms I have as long as I am happy… Really?!? Is that how we feel? Of course not. But that is how we act. For a long time of my life, I have acted that way, done my share of playing computer games and wasted my life away being entertained. I believe it was the cartoon character POGO who once said, “We have met the enemy and he is US!”, I say, EXACTLY!!! After reading the excellent book FREEDOM SHIFT, by Oliver DeMille, Founder of the Center for Social Leadership (, which I obtained through the LIFE materials, I realize that as long as I remain a passive bystander and don’t actively get involved to fight for freedom, I AM an accomplice of the enemy, I AM the enemy!!! However, I can do something in the fight for FREEDOM. I can turn off my computer games, turn off the TV, sacrifice some entertainment and educate myself in what it will take to turn the tide around and do something about it. And, hopefully, if enough of us are willing to change and fight for freedom, our grandkids and the generations following will have a chance to enjoy the freedoms that so many people today take for granted.

Is there anybody else out there willing to sacrifice for freedom?!? Because,

“I’m gonna go pick a fight.” -William Wallace in Braveheart


Holger 🙂

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